Tuesday, August 11, 2009

meat my plants

I have a great fondness of all things green and growing. As a caretaker of some interesting plants I have come to appreciate the subtleties of growing a tropical fern right next to a desert loving succulent. Let's take a tour of my "garden"

To your right is a great big Staghorn Fern. I got it as a Christmas present from Paxton's Gate here in the Mission. To water the behemoth I stick it in the shower once a week and feed it with Dyna Grow 7-9-5. Deer hoof in the background is for scale.

Next is a A. crispafolium or ‘Lasagna Fern’. I got this one from Macy's flower sale. It's another leviathan that enjoys humid air and mid sunlight levels. I like to think the Staghorn and Lasagna are good friends, since they both require the same care and are like species.

Here we have a Pitcher plant, basil, Japanese Aloe, a mystery orchid (a gift but it hasn't flowered yet so I'm not to sure what kind it is yet). In the background is two cacti, but I don't know what kind they are either.
The basil plant is a great addition to any kitchen as well as the pitcher plant (discourages any fruitflies). The aloe is edible and is great in smoothies and I heard is extremely good for you. It doesn't taste like anything and when you skin it it takes a slimy jellyfish texture, kinda gross.

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