Monday, August 3, 2009

Duchess and me

I received my new suit from Duchess last Monday and I have been itching to wear it around town. It's a beautiful constructed suit. There's pockets galore inside the jacket. The trousers fit like a glove and have hidden suspender buttons. The style is what they call the Atticus, it's a suit inspired by the high lapels and semi high waisted trousers of the 1930's suits.

The tie is a new edition from American Rag. I'm not really a fan of skinny ties but this one caught my eye with the olive green silk, and you tie it just right a gold fleur de lis will lie dead center and create a faux tie pin.

I had a great time in Lafayette Park with Jane on the camera. I think I might have turned some heads. {The infamous Danielle Steel's house to your right}.

This lining is a silk gold paisley print that was custom on my suit. I think the color of the gold the the grey herringbone work well with each other. It always gives me a surprise when I take off my jacket.

I plan to buy a pair of wingtipped oxfords since there's sometimes when the cuffs of the trousers catch on my beloved ankle boots.

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