Sunday, October 25, 2009

the poor man's art

I just saw a great documentary at the Roxy about Amos Kennedy , Jr. who is a letterpress printer. It was part of the SF Doc Fest (a documentary film festival) which is my first time attending a film festival. It was great having the director and Amos there answering questions at the end of the film.

Funny story, I was deciding on going to this film the other day and discussing it with my coworkers when it just so happens Amos walks into Hello Lucky and tells us to come to his movie and hands us some beautiful prints.

I really have to agree with his with his whole theory that selling prints for cheap is the gateway drug for collecting art. It makes people more interested in art knowing they can afford something that is handmade by an artist.

Well here's the short that was released before the full length documentary, enjoy.

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