Monday, July 13, 2009

The Alma

The Alma in the foreground at the recent wooden boat show in Tiburon, CA. I've been volunteering on her for about four months now, taking tourists around the bay every Saturday.

As built in 1891, Alma was a typical flat-bottomed, square-ended scow 59 feet in length, with a 22.6-foot beam, and a 4-foot depth of hold. Alma's registered tonnage was 41 gross and 39 net.[1] Alma carried two masts, schooner-rigged, with a single main-top-mast. Alma was average in size, but she was unusual in that, unlike many of the scow schooners then built on the bay, she had a cross-planked bottom. This construction, requiring heavier scantlings, may have contributed to her longevity

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